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The nutrient value ratio of buckwheat flour is higher, the adipose content inside is very low, contain the nutrient element that a variety of human body place require, proper at ordinary times eat a few buckwheat flour not only have profit very much to body recuperation, still have at the same time reduce weight very well the action of thin body, the practice of buckwheat flour is more, among them face of buckwheat fried bean sauce is done simpler, nutrition is better also.

How is buckwheat face done delicious

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The practice measure of face of fried bean sauce

1 preparation raw material: Steaky pork 400g, han type big sauce 3 big spoon, onion half, hu LuoShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Bo Bangen, cucumber half root

How is buckwheat face done delicious

80g of 2 buckwheat flour, 170g of tall muscle flour, water 80g, oily 5g, saline 5g (my bucket wheat flour is not very black the sort of)

Big sauce of 3 Han type (Han type fried bean sauce is best) 3 big spoon, unripe draw two big spoon, often draw one big spoon, one big spoon enters adscititious white sesame seed in the bowl

4 add little water leak can

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Thin departure of beautiful flesh fertilizer cuts bead, join cooking wine and pepper souse 15 minutes; Carrot and onion mincing reserve

Cool oil of 6 heat boiler fries transparent shape into steaky pork stir-fry before stewing

7 break up with carrot into onion fry 2 minutes

How is buckwheat face done delicious

The add is good 8 makings bowl juice before falling

9 small fire are fried sweet hind join a bowl of water to burn on 5-8 minute receive juice can. (salt need not be added basically again, if,taste a few of insufficient salty rejoin can)

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80g of 10 buckwheat flour, 170g of tall muscle flour, water 80g, oily 5g, saline 5g, mix very hard very good dough,

11 become small agent child, it is best that through me the experiment holds spherule actually.

12 if do not have the machine that control an aspect to jump over this 3 paces,buy off-the-peg buckwheat flour can

13 scatter right amount dry starch prevents adhesion

14 in leaving boiler as soon as possible, this be able to bear or endure more forcedly boil, suggest authority is much boil a little while

15 after crossing cold water, irrigate on fleshy sauce is the most delicious, mouthfeel special play a tooth, cold heat all can edible

16 irrigate on the fried bean sauce that has fried can.


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