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Pregnant woman blood sugar is this kind tall the circumstance is to be able to eat yam, because yam is cent of a kind of candy,basically beForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Content is lower, to blood sugar did not affect. During pregnant woman is pregnant, be to should want to take vegetable and attention more time of work and rest, to fetal provide best surroundings, when blood sugar is tall, want to avoid to eat a few candy to distribute faster food, and soup of the yam chop that stew can complement the calcic element that fetal place requires.

Pregnant woman blood sugar is high-energy eat yam

Pregnant woman blood sugar is high-energy eat yam

The data shows, be pregnant the spends gestation diabetic woman in the process, in 5-15 yearForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Suffer from inside 2 model diabetic probability is 40%-60% , and below normal circumstance, the female suffers from 2 model diabetic probability is only 15% . Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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This makes clear, if gestation has been gotten diabetic, even if already heal, also want to notice food and forge refine, otherwise middleaged still have later have diabetic risk. Accordingly, pregnant woman is pregnant what food should notice not only in the process is reasonable, note reasonable movement even at the same time, carry reasonable weight, be far from diabetic menace.

Yam eats to have the effect of regular fine system in pregnancy, and many starch and vitamin still are contained in yam, protein, amino acid, although yam is metShanghai night net

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Cause the full abdomen of human body to feel, but won’t lack nutrient element however. Eat yam to still can help gastric bowel digest at the same time absorb, stimulative bowel wriggles, precautionA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Gentle solves constipation.

Pregnant woman blood sugar is high-energy eat yam

1, Be good at lienal beneficial stomach, aid digestion: Much the amylase in yam, more phenolic oxidation is enzymatic wait for material, be helpful for taste digesting absorb, can treat taste frail, feed the disease such as little body tired, have loose bowels.

2, Beneficial lung relieves a cough: Yam contains black glucoside, mucus to pledge, have lubricant, moist effect, medicable lung empty, phlegmy cough, long coughing disease.

3, Reduce blood sugar: HillFall in love with the sea

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Medicine contains mucus protein, have the effect that reduces blood sugar, can use at cure diabetic, the dietotherapy beautiful that is diabetic person is tasted.

4, Essence of grow kidney beneficial: The nutrient part in yam is very substantial, have the effect of essence of beneficial of kidney of able-bodied airframe, grow. Can treat kidney leucorrhoea of deficient, seminal emission, woman the disease such as frequency of overmuch, pee.

Pregnant woman blood sugar is high-energy eat yam

5, Prolong life: Yam contains many mucus albumen, vitamin and microelement, can prevent painstaking effort disease effectively, calm the nerves to profit records since, the effect of the prolong life.


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