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Bloat goose egg is to compare traditional cate to make a method, bloat the goose egg that come out not only delicate, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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And it is natural health protection is tasted, have very big profit to the health of the body, but bloat the method with goose egg exquisite and regular need, bloat otherwise the goose egg that come out does not give oil not only, occasionally too salty or it is too weak. So, how to bloat does goose egg give oil already not salty?

How to bloat goose egg gives oil and not salty

Bloat goose egg gives the method with best oil

Do you learn presumably bloat does goose egg give the method with best oil? Look together make an oil bloat of goose egg1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Skill! Actually, want to make oil yield tall, generous giving oil bloats goose egg is not difficult, the key is to should have skill!

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Should get ready bloat the data that goose egg needs. Next, the measure of the measure of souse goose egg and souse duck’s egg, egg is actually same. So in make high grade bloat in goose egg process, the heaviestLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Want the most crucial is:

How to bloat goose egg gives oil and not salty

1, make bloat white spirit should be added when goose egg, the time of such goose egg souse shortens, yoke is willing to give oil more. It is OK to put some of white spirit antiseptic, return the aroma that can add an egg.

2, salt had better be the thick sea salt that souse uses, namely big salt that common weighs.

Salt is not one-time put, join bit by bit in, achieve saturated status till brine, the sort of rate that salt put to also be not changed again in past water namely, too little the egg still does not have the likelihood salty be about smelly dropped.

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, we learn the goose egg with high grade choose and buy even. Watch the exterior appearance of goose egg, colour and lustre, clean rate with the eye. Egg of goose of fine qualitative delicacy, chorion cleanness, complete, lacklustre, there is a Bai Shuang on housing, bright and lustrous. Take the egg on the hand, shake gently make egg and egg are touched each other attack, fine listen to its sound; or be the hand is grasped jolty, hear its voice. Egg of qualitative bright egg and egg touch fine each other knock sound ringing, the hand holds an egg jolty and breathed.

How to bloat goose egg gives oil and not salty

Bloat the practice of goose egg

If there is egg of too much goose not to eat in the home, afraid goose egg will be broken, how should that do? Need not worry, we can make bright goose egg into bloat goose egg. Bloat goose egg can save goose egg better not only, return the different gust that can taste savor goose egg. So bloat is the practice of goose egg what kind of? How are you known again go bloating goose egg? If you also want to start work in the home,bloat goose egg, but do not know to bloat again the practice of goose egg, that learns at once bloat the practice of goose egg!

In make formally bloat the following data should prepare before goose egg: Goose egg 17, chinese prickly ash 20, anise, cassia bark a small, sweet Xie Yi piece, sea salt 300 grams, liquor of a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum 100 milliliter.

It is to bloat below the particular way of goose egg:

1Fall in love with the sea

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, goose egg abluent and cortical air.

2, right amount water is received in boiler, put Chinese prickly ash, anise, cassia bark, sweet leaf, firing, small fire turns to boil 10 minutes again after be being burned, put sea salt agitate to melt, air involving fire is cool.

3, in the containers esp. for use in the house that puts goose egg code in the clean anhydrous with good precondition, take out the condiment in boiling good salt solution, pour water into sealed box, water should have done not have goose egg.

4, enter liquor, the cap on the lid, put in shady and cool place, bloat 30-35 day can.

5, good souse salty goose egg is cortical and abluent, put into boiler to add water to had done not have goose egg, 20 minutes are boiled after water leaves can edible.


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