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When some people are doing lean lean, after discovery has been done, lean lean tastes exceeding bavin, mouthfeel will be exceedingly poor, when doing lean lean at ordinary times, if stew the flesh that come out to compare bavin, one party specification feeds capable person older, this can bring about lean lean to stew come out to compare bavin, the means that becoming additionally also can affect mouthfeel badly, it is hot water is stewed or cold water is stewed for example etc, we will read the content of this respect.

 How is lean lean stewed not bavin

How is lean lean stewed not bavin

1, raw material choice is the first pace, choose tenderer flesh as far as possible, Shanghai night net

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With braise in soy sauce the flesh should use steaky pork, the dish that stew had better be used sticking flesh and blood is to stew coming out to won’t do not have flavour won’t be lean lean completely and influence mouthfeel.

2, after conflagration boil, must small fire, stew for long, cannot urgent, conflagration is stewed instead the flesh allows changeful a surname, water must do not have travel of ability crossing the flesh, and water should be added sufficient, add again afterwardsA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Can add hot water avoid by all means adds cold water

3, add after salt is best, when wanting to give boiler, add again, add early let the moisture inside the flesh easily lose, and the flesh can compare close fact to rot not easily.

 How is lean lean stewed not bavin

4, want a few sweeter, must add certain spice, for instance dried tangerine or orange peel, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Sweet leaf, cassia bark is waited a moment, him modulation is bad, can consider to buy the sort of off-the-peg stew material, the scarcely such as the green ginger garlic that oneself should mix can be too little, the key is to a few special sauce can make the flesh softer rot easily, for instance cooking wineForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
(Best and self-restrained, the wine character on market is general and bad) , right amount add candy and vinegar, easy also crisp sodden, but acetic scarcely should be put taste an acidity easily to affect mouthfeel otherwise more.

Different flesh is qualitative little skill

Beef: Of stew before today, can wipe mustard on the flesh first, when stewing, reoccupy cold water is washed, such flesh not only ripe fast, and the flesh also is met character brighterLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Tender. Still can use a few tea and beef are stewed together boil

 How is lean lean stewed not bavin

Pork: Establish of a few hill or a few turnips are put when stew, the flesh can be stewed very quickly crisply rot

Hotpot: Bai Luobo is joined when the hotpot that stew, can make the flesh very fast stew not only sodden, return the fishy smell of the smell of mutton that can eliminate hotpot. Abluent meat is put after water boil piece, water should cross hotpot high, go float foam, or drop a few vinegar go raw meat or fish. JoinShanghai Long Feng forum

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A few orange skin also can the fishy smell of the smell of mutton of purify hotpot


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