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Flesh block and angina disease of these two hearts is the disease that often produces on old people body, and because these two kinds of diseases browbeat,a lot of old people are his life. Because these two kinds of diseases are met,cause huge effect to human body, and they have a common characteristic to be able to affect cardiac offer hematic function directly namely. There is distinction again between miocardial infarction and angina, it is everybody introduction todayA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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This both distinction.

Miocardial infarction and angina are distinguished

Angina pectorisFall in love with the sea

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It is a kind of when be short of blood as a result of cardiac muscle provisionality and cause paroxysmal bosom painful or bosom is close frowsty unwell feeling, with typical place is after breastbone. When happening according to its differentShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Condition, angina pectoris can divide again for 3 model: Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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1. labor or chronic stability angina, happen at the;2 when physical labor or rage, nervous mental work. Mutation core angina, when resting only intentional angina, main because of;3 of be caused by of coronary artery convulsion. Mixture core angina, when work or resting, all can break out, this kind of angina is belonged to mostly not stable model.

Miocardial infarctionShanghai Long Feng forum

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Because cardiac muscle is short of blood to fail to be improved in time,be, bring about cardiac muscle necrotic. Lab examination can discover, miocardial infarction patient has enzymatic raise of typical electrocardiogram change and serum cardiac muscle, but by supersonic and enchanted the ventricular wall of place of indication block of graph, radionuclide moves circumstance.

Miocardial infarction and angina are distinguished

The identifying of angina pectoris and miocardial infarction is not difficult. Will tell commonly, angina pectoris has below two characteristics:

Duration of angina of appearance of systole of the area before 1. heart does not exceed 15 minutes of;

The glycerine that take sick at heart is contained below 2. tongue piece hind angina alleviates quickly.

Acute miocardial infarction has below 4 big characteristics:

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Before area angina is more acuteness, bear hard, constant companion has irritating;

2. angina duration exceeds 15 minutes, some can amount to half hours or longer;

The angina after 3. rests does not reduce;

Miocardial infarction and angina are distinguished

Contain below 4. tongue take monobel piece hind angina does not alleviate. Once the patient appears miocardial infarction expression, should reach a hospital instantly rescue of make a diagnosis and give treatment, cannot incur loss through delay.


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