[spend wisdom barrier gently to you can marry to bear? ] – of be pregnant with of _ marriage _

Article introduction

Wisdom barrier is the obstacle that points to respect of occurrence intelligence of human body brain, intellectual perhaps growth is not complete wait, and occurrence longitudinal because stimulate or cerebrum is affected,wisdom barrier is, abnormal place brings about, occurrence longitudinal wisdom barrier can marry, butShanghai noble baby

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It is to bear the genetic factor with can appear certainSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, cause fetal growth easily not complete, fetal perhaps pieceShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Show the disease such as encephalitis.

Spend wisdom barrier gently to you can marry to bear?

Spend wisdom barrier gently to you can marry to bear?

Have the problem that spends mental retardation gently this to marrying for the impact is not big, but also have certain heredity element

Intellective obstacle (MR) weighs intellective blemish again, because cerebrum gets,what point to commonly is implement the harm of qualitative sex or because cerebral development causes those who know an activity not completely to last thereby,be of obstacle and whole mentality activity obstacle. As a result ofNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, the head gets hurt, skull head deformation or endocrine are unusual wait for harmful element to cause fetal or the infant’s cerebra cannot normal growth or development are not complete, make the development of intellectual activity stays in a certain lower level, call intellective delay. Because cerebrum is made by the injury of the element such as physics, chemistry or virus, bacteria,normal before intelligence is damaged, cause defect, say gawkish.

Spend wisdom barrier gently to you can marry to bear?

The pathogeny

1, genetic element: Chromosome is unusual like congenital I model etc take mental retardation children 5% ~ 10% . Gene is choppy if congenital metabolization is unusual,disease belongs to this kind.

2, antenatal damages: Include the infection inside palace, anoxic, manage to be like,change an element harmful poisonous substances, medicaments, radiation, mercuric, lead, smoking, drink, drug taking, pregnant woman is serious hidebound or pregnant woman sicken.

3, produce when childbirth, internal haemorrhage of asphyxial, skull, premature, hypoglycemia, nucleus icteric, septicemia.

The sicken after 4. is born, include to suffer from meningitis, encephalitis, skull blood-vessel of traumatic, head is accident, toxic sex head is ill, if endocrine obstacle is thyroid the function is low, epilepsy.

Spend wisdom barrier gently to you can marry to bear?

Clinical expression

1, perceptive speed is decelerated, the stimulation that accepts visual access is more exciting than hearingShanghai noble baby

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Some easier;

2, attention disperses badly, notice range is very narrow;

3, memory is poor, via countless heavy compound can learn a few knowledge, if do not repeat study, can forget to get completely; again

4, tongue is poor, can tell simple expressions; only

5, thinking capacity is small, devoid abstraction ponders over ability, fancy and wraparound force, more cannot; of draw inferences about other cases from one instance

6, do not have digital concept basically, rely on mechanical memory to be able to learn to be added simply decrease computational;

7, the mood is flabby, accuse force to differ; oneself

8, feebleminded, lack self-confident;

9, truck capacity is poor, learn hard human an association.


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