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Hematic convention is checked is everybody detects indispensable when undertaking check-up project, and through hematic convention the examination can detect effectively the corresponding existence state of the leucocyte of red blood cell that in giving human body, exists and plaque. Among them one part person is detected to give pure plaque on the high side, actually plaque on the high side is affected to the body of a person very big. So the patient appeared the word of pure plaque on the high side, how should solve?

 Pure plaque heighten

How does on the high side of hematic convention plaque return a responsibility

Hematic convention basically includes leucocyte, red blood cell (haemoglobin) , 3 big laboratory test check plaque content. Normal value is plaque 100-300 × 109/L, heighten can condense for blood (be like vomiting, thirsty etc) , after splenectomy art, the afterwards such as infection delivers performance, visible also at other disease, basically be haemal system disease, if be short of disease of grow in quantity of red blood cell of iron sex anaemia, true sex, former hair leukaemia of sex of cell of disease of sexual plaque grow in quantity, chronic bead, medullary hyperplasia is unusual syndrome (if 5q- is integrated,ask for) , thrombus sex disease. Pure plaque decreases cannot make clear a reason, still need to combine bloodShanghai noble baby

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The result such as examination of assay of etc of the leucocyte in convention, red blood cell, relevant medical history is judged integratedly.

Case of hematic board on the high side is more severe than collecting blood cry be troubled by bring about the blood like hematic board heighten board prep above reference is worth limits to be short of patient of iron sex anaemia hematic board is added like exceed classics of 500 × 109/L to treat a circumstance to improve hematic board amount to fall quickly to the level some is planted action of phlogistic sex element is phlogistic, the ill rational and medullary disease that add a gender sends a gender formerly hematic board adds sex of fester of acute of disease acute hemolysis to catch can bring about hematic board heighten. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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 Pure plaque heighten

Hematic convention bloodFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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How does platelet on the high side do

Just spend gently elevatory, if pure expression, most propbably question is not big, OK and dynamic observation, check regularly if; wants to make clear Hunan very much, proposal place looks for doctor of haemal specialized subject to give examination diagnoseForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, unfavorable at ordinary times too too nourishing with steam food.

When > plaque grow in quantity is when 400×109/L, grow in quantity of the former plaque that send a gender is common at disease of medullary and proliferous sex, be like leukaemia of chronic bead cell, disease of grow in quantity of true sex red blood cell, the disease of grow in quantity of; reactivity plaque such as disease of grow in quantity of the former plaque that send a gender is common at urgent chronic inflammation, be short of iron sex anaemia and cancer patient, this kind of grow in quantity does not exceed 500 × 109/L commonly, via improvement of the circumstance after cure, plaque number can decline very quickly to normal level.

Plaque (BPC) is the afterbirth oar of gigantic nucleus falls off and come by the maturity in marrow, configuration diversityForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, size is abhorrent, easily conglutinate, gather and destroy, forming white plaque bolt, release plaque factor, stimulative blood coagulates to wait for a respect with clot systole, have quite important sense, it is research hemostatic one of main index with cruor obstacle.

 Pure plaque heighten

Plaque grow in quantity, current remedial method, interferon pilot is best, and side effect is the least. But your mother plaque is a few more tallish, in the patient that treats disease of plaque grow in quantity in us, control arrives at present 4 million the left and right sides is OK. So current treatment suggests cure of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is given priority to. If Chinese traditional medicine is uncontrollable, recombine Western medicine assists cure. And your cure notForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Very system, may cause new patient’s condition.


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