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In live at ordinary times in the center, if appear,ham root ministry aches, must understand specific reason at that time, becauseFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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If this kind of circumstance compares what can affect a patient badly even to walk function, the reason that causes this kind of condition is more, the commonnest is lumbar disease, if bone joint produces inflammation to also can cause such symptom,behave additionally, say to must understand specific reason so, undertake disease is treated is opposite next, we will read the content of this respect.

Ham root ministry cannot take a route sorely

Ham root ministry cannot take a route sorely
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As a result of,the consideration is is lumbar disease, the possibility that arthritic disease causes is larger. The proposal should eat at ordinary times some contain calcium to abound1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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food, can take double chloric fragrance acid natrium piece will treat, perhaps do next blood to calcium is checked and pat an examination to be treated again.

Ham root ministry cannot take a route sorely

How does the old person fill correctly calcic?

1, fill calcic when not forget jealous

Because of the calcium in vinegar and food canA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Produce chemical reaction, generate already the acetic acid that dissolve is absorbed easily by human body again at water is calcic. Accordingly, bit of vinegar is added in promoting food, as usual eats sweet and sour spareribs, fish in sweet and sour sauce to wait.

2, absorb more those who contain calcium to abound is calcic

Face the problem that be short of calcium, prandial adjusting is first selection. In daily food, main component is the food that has filling calcium function the following 7 kinds big: Grandma kind with milk products, legume and bean products, firm fruit food, the flesh kind with birds egg, greengrocery, fruit and dry fruit, sea product.

3, the scale of phosphor of the calcium in noticing food

The calcium absorption inside human body and use often still get the influence of other part, to calcic absorption utilization rate affects the content proportion that bigger is calcic phosphor. In food, of calcic phosphor than the aquatic product wanting number inside this limits, so, filling calcium should take some of aquatic product more had better.

Ham root ministry cannot take a route sorely

4, appropriate pledges in nightly complement calcium

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Because nightly patient needs calcium most, and absorb the most easily. As a result of nightly thing does not eat after falling asleep, but a certain quantity of calcium still needs in human body blood, have only at this moment from body inside contain calcic part exclusively — ask for in skeleton. On the other hand, because the quantity containing calcium of the human body when go to bed is less, accordingly, face calcium is absorbed to pledge before sleeping very can fast be absorbed. Milk powder of cup of the bubble before can sleeping or drink a cup of milk.

5, much bask

Filling calcium still needs to bask to move more more, pledge to absorb calcium better, we still should cooperate filling calcium to do, some auxiliary job. Put in cholesterol of dehydrogenation of a kind of 7- in human body skin, in the sunLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Below ultraviolet illuminate, change of this kind of material becomes vitamin D, repass liver, kidney, turn active vitamin into D next, ability develops its effectiveness. So, especially old people should notice to bask more, it is OK to bask in a hour on average everyday, and the easy with suiting human body most to the sunshine 10 o’clock at 9 o’clock is measurable.


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