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Some people are the scar that leaves because of be harmed accidentally; Some people are the scar that hurt the skin because of soup and leaves; Still some people are however leave scar because of the operation. It is which kinds of reason no matter, the elimination of scar is not easy, and scar has different color in not contemporaneous meeting, so scarShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Show wine how long had been met? The scar that is about to cicatrization is gules mostly, happen dark red when represent between about 3 climate fast good.

 The scar shows wine how long had met

Impress can divide the red after scald to be mixed for scar sex blame scar sex two kinds of circumstances. Of firm heal achieve a face inchoate be red. The gules impress that is not scar sex is general subsidise is a few faster, but also need 3 months to arrive half an year, of everybodyFall in love with the sea

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Identical, inside this paragraph of time need notices to prevent bask in, do not eat to stimulate food tartly on food. The gules impress of scar sex and scar hyperplasia are concerned, hyperaemia of inchoate scar color is shown aglow vermeil, scar hyperplasia passed after general need arrives two years period, color becomes wine, scar bate, tend stable.

 The scar shows wine how long had met

How has scar color done greatly

1, live at ordinary times in ours in the center, darken seems scar to be caused as a result of the precipitation of pigment now, should appear such phenomenon when, prove scar and becoming gradually serious, when should encountering such phenomenon so, the should seasonable desalt that undertakes pigment, a kind of the commonnest method is treated namely through laser method, and the methodological photograph contrast that laser treats is simpler, inA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Clearer remedial result can be achieved inside short time, smaller also to the side-effect of human body.

2, the method of desalt scar also can be treated through medicaments, but medicationing basically is to use a series of antibiotic medicines and chemical reagents will undertake everybody knows antibiotic medicines and chemical reagents can have certain side effect remedial, but can of short time alleviate scar pigment is aggravating, also can alleviate the skin that causes as a result of the growth of scar is scratchy, skin hair is painful wait a series of symptom.

3, scar darken when, form blood-vessel more easilyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Of blood jam, so will tell this to one part patient is very adverse, can use among the life at ordinary times so a series of small method will undertake purify, pass daub aloe glue for example, natural vitamin meaning, olive oil a series of the method will undertake purify, OK and effective purify scar, but remedial process is relatively lengthy, so of long-term sex insist to just can have brightLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The result that show.

 The scar shows wine how long had met

Change from what we had understood scar color among the information of above body and oneself body constitution, body state of the individual has inseparable connection, if encounter scar,between daily life the symptom must undertake relevant purify in time, must not miss first-rate to treat time, the formation of scar is the process of sex of a physiology, also be the expression of a kind of normality, suggest everybody does not have too big psychology worry so, the worry in the heart is bigger, instead the cure to the disease is very adverse.


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