Electrical shock PlayStation interviews Falcom to divulge ” Yi Su 9 ” up to date information

The magazine published the electrical shock PlayStation of newest first phase to interview Falcom controller the content with close cane foreign season, he disclosed a few will announce last year in December ” Yi Su ” make newly ” Yi Su 9: The night of eccentric ” (Ys IX: Monstrum Nox) a few information. Material information entry: 1. Yatelu figure general and before all work are different. The atmosphere place that he will is less than by player place expect is surrounded, include his external form. 2. The main ground of game nods Baerdekesi (Baldeux) the city that is a prison that fills mystery. It develops an old practice that only jail environment ability describes for the player. 3. The administrative levels that this city brings and limits feeling also are past dynasties most. 4. This city is a base not just, the movement that still fills difference of all sorts of on any account and office ans outpost of the tax office. 5. The eccentric part that holds chief rod or staff used for a specific purpose contains dark flavor, let a person remember Yi Su gram of 1 medium law of · of the gram that amount to Er is special (Dark Fact) . 6. The eccentric of the outfit that wear skirt and cap is the action in eccentric group is the most unusual, notice her leg department section. 7. Because appearance acts the role of her animal to taste and appear special,the eccentric of pink hair is met, this may be some kind of clew. 8. The eccentric photograph place of brown hair is proud with self-confidence. The feather on his manner and shoulder highlighted this one role. 9. Compare with other eccentric photographs, the female eccentric that wears artificial limb most extraordinary, she also is one of most crucial roles in gut. If you will fall,timing picture is mixed premonitory with conduct propaganda the picture makes contrast, may discover a few message. 10. Long gown eccentric also has distinctive animal to act the role of article, his short figure makes its appear very agile.


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