Russia FPS is made newly ” escape Dakefu ” newest demonstrate setting true

 ” escape Dakefu ” it is Battlestate of Russia development business network of subordinate theme of a military affairs swims, should be being made is work of a FPS not only, RPG element still was added in game at the same time.

 In ” escape Dakefu ” in, eye shot is basic also and reductive reality: When colour of sky is dim, also can appear the circumstance that stretchs his hand not to see the five fingers. There is many bush in game at the same time from obstruct view, because this discovers the enemy,be not quite easy.

 In real opportunity operation, we can see the movement that has various probe, and any labels are done not have in the battle, can hear bilateral report of a gun only. In the meantime, there also won’t be any clews after striking person of fight the enemy, the atmosphere that can bring nervous depression for everybody affirms in the experience in real opportunity so (know whether the enemy already was shot dead far from) .

 The firearms of game all used true firearms to undertake data is measured, battlestate company strives to make a hard nucleus for everybody to fire game.


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