Gigantic breast becomes warped the player creates buttock temptation ” keep watch pioneer ” work of hunt sky colleague

Blizzard manufacture ” keep watch pioneer ” it is broad player millions of people those who expect is new make, this making will on May 24 global synchronism put on sale, this is the characteristic with disparate style of a part much person shoots play, make originally at present also be in fair measure in, its are hot rate has spread to the whole world.

Be in fair after measuring open, the search amount that this making is compared fair 817% grow before measuring, created the myth that counter a day. Of course, the person enrages top part or belong to hunt sky, regard instantly as hot star hero, hunt empty figure she beautiful, appearance is agile and melting, quick-witted, freeboard person energy of life is won in assault player.

The pulse double gun of hunt sky is her main charge method, on battlefield, her flash and flashback can make her rapid and irruptive do in the enemy’s a group of people of same interest destroy, the ground that can withdraw a dispute quickly again when encountering jeopardy is protected in safety, and bomb of her culminating skill pulse is same power is extremely strong, can cause a large number of harm to the enemy inside limits, accordingly, as assault model agile + the player of sexy beauty, hunt comes on the stage for nothing leading also is extremely tall.


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