New ARPG ” ghost cries state ” world outlook of open metempsychosis reincarnation and battle set

SQUARE ENIX is booked Spring 2019 of put on sale make behavioral part newly act game ” ghost cries state (interpret of of short duration, original name: Ghost ノ cries ク state) ” (PC / PS4 / Nintendo Switch) , published the up to date information related world se上海龙凤论坛

t and game system recently. This making is to just was in ” Nintendo Direct 2019.2.14 ” in the newest work that publishs Nintendo Switch edition. Be in the world that this life flourishs because of metempsychosis metempsychosis. Many people him eulogize has some life, and be displayed to the future world go up pray. Show sadness to dying, can manacle the person that be born, make the dead hesitant. Show sadness to dying that is to say, itself is the contraindication of metempsychosis of can cloggy metempsychosis. So everybody comes to smile of sad melt into be the dead’s see sb off. Just forget the everybody heart of tear painstakingly, also need somebody to relieve. Because this was born a kind of profession — be called to defend by people die person. The dead’s soul of relief copy Huang ” the person that lose ” , hold the position of the person that be born and dead namely, disgraced and deep and remote the existence of worldly acco新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

mmodator. Defend die the person is the person that discontinuity is lost not , send the person of come-and-go world them. It is the longing that meets the person that bring into contact with is born and dead, respect the person of life metempsychosis. This is defend about die person, with the story of his life. The world of metempsychosi爱上海同城

s of world set metempsychosis is in game world Xuan , exist ” disgraced ” : The world of the person that be born, and ” quiet life ” : The dead’s world, can weigh Fu death and metempsychosis ceaselessly with the mankind, everybody thinks metempsychosis metempsychosis is of course, its ethics idea also is the world that is premise with this is arena. Distinctive ethical idea is in this world Xuan , if,believe by sadness or it is to hate to wait for a passion to give manacle, meet from annulus be eliminated in Zuo metempsychosis. For example if gone to close person, feel very sad word, possible meeting from annulus be eliminated in Zuo metempsychosis, can avoid to show emotion as far as possible generally speaking so. Because the existence of the person that lose is regarded as no-no ” strong feeling ” manacle, the soul that comes out from the depart in the body after die so, be in ” quiet life ” in the existence of melt into substance. After the person that make loss, can be eliminated from inside metempsychosis metemp爱上海同城手机版

sychosis, meet sooner or later content of melt into demon. But before wanting to be changed in demon content only by defend die the person tries to purify, OK again metempsychosis is returned ” disgraced ” . Nation state to relieve, the warfare unit that perhaps handle the person that lose and establishs. Generally speaking the longing that its duty is the person that satisfy loss, let them return metempsychosis metempsychosis in the center, but when if judgement is not had,the law does, be about to try to handle before demon content is changed. Have the lose person that longs for very dinkum and strongly, likelihood won’t demon content is changed, turn ghost into the person however. Although can lose memory, but have the volition 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

that is based on its to be longed for purely and doughty power. After leading role encounters with ghost person in quiet life, with respect to the power that can use ghost person, fight side-by-side with them. “In this nation state that regards metempsychosis metempsychosis as the truth, death must be a kind of hope ” those who reflect the reason that gives metempsychosis metempsychosis is young defend die person. Think the life that lets a person can connect incoming world is his world. Want only so it is to finish the job, even if want with one’s own hands the life of terminative others also will not grudge. After encountering with a mysterious girl, be entered by in a paragraph of bloody destiny. Feature of mysterious girl and black clothes knight — two each other didymous worlds have two each other didymous worlds in this making, the world of the person that be born: “Disgraced ” , the world with the dead ” quiet life ” exist. Disgraced with quiet life it is didymous world, but not be identical. The person that resemble losing is met only consist in quiet life, among them still the place with different also landform exists. Defend so die people to execute the mission, must want ceaseless in two worlds contact. Feature — interweave by two worlds go out ” life ” story player is in game, to relieve the person that lose, must want to be in disgraced and come and go ceaselessly between quiet life, search the account of the person that the object can grow loss, think method tries to solve. Satisfy the longing of the person that lose, make him new return metempsychosis metempsychosis in the center, just be to defend die person originally the task, but when judgement circumstance is inextricability, also must want to make to avoid content of demon of its melt into and next painful breaking definitely. Feature — person of instant switch ghost (profession) the person that the behavioral warfare system that will fight has the loss that longs for very strongly, likely won’t content of melt into demon, become ghost person instead. Although ghost person can lose memory, but have the will that is based on its to be longed for strongly, and doughty force. Leading role encounters ghost person in quiet life hind, the force that can allow them adds a body to be on him body, will defy with this doughty demon content. Ghost person is equal to with respect to game system is a profession. Because every ghost person has inherent weapon and the technical ability that have a feature extremely, the tactics that so the player can use, the ghost people that also can be added a body at that time considerably is noisy. Be about to coordinate progress of a battle i新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

n game person of instant switch ghost, advantage of the race to control in fighting as far as possible. Ghost person also can be in all growing in the battle. Can learn changeful skill, the game style that allows a player to cooperate his will allocate the ability of ghost person.


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